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Twenty Years after Darwin on Trial

November 13, 2011



TWENTY YEARS ago, Phillip E. Johnson, a law professor at Berkeley, published his now famous critique of Darwinism, Darwin on Trial, which argued that Darwinism is philosophy, not science. In the most recent issue of Touchstone magazine, Johnson reflects on developments since publication of his book. Scientists still risk their careers by pursuing research that exposes the Darwinian fraud, but a movement has been born and Johnson is optimistic, especially in light of the continuing inclination of Darwinists to obfuscate their position. It is only a matter of time before the dam will break. He writes:

I am confident that when we finally get a fair hearing before a scientific community that concurs with the principle that important terms must be defined clearly and used consistently, then the better logic will prevail and Darwinism will be relegated to intellectual history. 

The article is not available online. However, here is an interesting 2003 interview with Johnson which also appeared in Touchstone. Johnson became a Christian not long after his marriage broke apart. His wife became a feminist and left him. He says in the interview with James Kushner:

I became disillusioned during my thirties. The whole idea of the exciting campus ferment and student ideas became a disappointment. The academic career was also a disappointment. I think my motives for going into it, for everything I did, were rather shallow. I was basically an academic careerist seeking tenure, writing law review articles and a casebook. I had the career, but I was bored with it. I thought life ought to be more fulfilling than that. I was beginning to grow up. Read More »

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