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A Policewoman Killed in Her Home

November 7, 2011


JAMES P. writes:

According to the Daily Mail,

A veteran police officer, 55, was beaten and stabbed to death by her 15-year-old grandson after she came home to find he had skipped school, prosecutors said. Keshawn Perkins was so incensed at being shouted out by Hester Scott, who was on the Chicago force for 25 years, that he ‘hit her with the lamp until she shut up’ then stabbed her repeatedly with two kitchen knives, it is alleged.

If female police officers can’t even control their own teenage relatives, how can they hope to subjugate violent adult male criminals?

Another charming detail:

Ms. Scott, a mother of two, had adopted Perkins and his three siblings seven years ago after her drug-addicted daughter could no longer care for them, family members told the Chicago Sun-Times. She borrowed money to build an expensive addition to her home to accommodate the four children, fellow officer and friend Gloria Allen told the paper.

All that remains is for his mother to crawl out of the gutter and demand mercy for her “good kid” as in the Rosario case. Even as it is, the victim’s sister contends “He needs mental help, not adult incarceration…. They should not put him in prison without considering that he was not served properly from the beginning of his life.” Wonder if she would volunteer to have Keshawn move in with her instead of being imprisoned? In any event, it seems to me that society as a whole is best served when homicidal savages are behind bars.

Laura writes:

This is a horrific story. It’s incredibly sad. Hester Scott said the night before, “I’ll fight till my dying breath to turn his life around.”

This reminds me not so much of the folly of women police officers as the folly of a world where women raise children without men. Black women are police officers and prison guards. But no one can turn them into fathers. Our cross-dressing society – and that’s what a female police officer is, a cross-dresser – hasn’t figured out that trick.

That this boy had it bad from the beginning of his life is probably true. He grew up in the vast fatherless wasteland of black America, a wasteland created by liberalism. 

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