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November 29, 2011


NEWT GINGRICH is repulsive. In his performance at last week’s Republican debate, his voice dripped with contempt when he spoke of enforcing the law on immigrants who have lived here illegally for decades. It was not his words alone. The look on his face was one of sneering condescension as he explained that some of these illegal immigrants belong to churches and have that Republican of all things – families. How could a nation such as ours, steeped in tolerance, be so heartless as to enforce the law against people who belong to churches, immigrants with families? The flagrant adulterer, the founder of the Church of Newt, lectured America on piety and family values.

If longtime immigrants are as virtuous as Gingrich suggests, shouldn’t he appeal to their consciences, not ours? After all, the possibility of deportation is caused by the unlawful immigrant, not the native. But, Gingrich calls on our tolerance, not the immigrant’s. It is our family values, our rightful sense of belonging, that he condemns while exalting the very same sentiments in the immigrant.

I highly recommend this speech by Lawrence Auster on Gingrich’s ideological roots. It is a compelling survey of the mental terrain of the grandiose, bobble-headed candidate, whose rise in the polls has caused pea-brained commentators enormous delight. Only outright deception or a mass case of Attention Deficit Disorder could explain these polls.


                                       — Comments —

Jim writes:

Thanks for speaking out against Newt, Mrs. Wood. Everyone on the right is so enthralled with him. There is just something bad about that guy.

Laura writes:

You’re welcome.

There is something about that guy. He combines messianic Americanism with contempt for ordinary Americans.

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