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The Hippy, Dippy, Sappy Love of Christopher Hitchens

December 20, 2011



This quote from Lawrence Auster on Christopher Hitchens is worth rereading:

The way these Christians talk about Hitchens is the way conservatives justify our trade relations with China: we have trade relations with China, they say, because such relations will convert the Chinese to be like us. Read More »


On Faux Maternal Affection

December 20, 2011




As the mother of eight children who writes and speaks on mothering I wanted to add my observation [as to] why Michelle Obama would allow her daughter to hang all over her. It is true (as Kidist Paulos Asrat wrote) that she is a distant mother. Thus, when she is with her children she thinks that physical closeness is proof that she is “close” to her children and that they have a “deep” relationship. Actually, my observation is that mothers who feel guilty and who err on the side of permissiveness because of that guilt, let their children hang all over them. I’ve observed children who play with their mother’s hair and comb it and are allowed to do that even when the mother is visiting with adults.

Of course, these actions are not the sign of a close relationship (as the mother falsely convinces herself) but of disrespect. The pose in the photograph is actually very disrespectful to a mother but Michelle wouldn’t know that because she doesn’t know very much about mothering…not because she only has two children but because she is a feminist and contemplation of such things as mothering and mother/daughter discipline and teaching is “beneath” her. Read More »


Feminist Autonomy Leads to Manufactured Children

December 20, 2011


AT Corporette, a website for feminist go-getters, an unmarried career woman describes the soulless process of freezing her eggs and fertilized embryos for future use. She admits that the procedure makes her momentarily “sad, lonely, depressed, desperate,” but does not consider the possibility that it might someday make her children “sad, lonely, depressed, desperate.” Instead of realizing that she has been lied to about everything, most of all about this, she enthusiastically recommends the same choice to others. She writes:

[I]n our first appointment, the doctor told me that frozen embryos are more viable children than frozen eggs alone. I hadn’t actually thought of freezing embryos, and my reaction to his suggestion surprised me. Although I have never believed that life starts at conception/fertilization (and still don’t), the thought of creating embryos, freezing them, and then possibly not using them, gave me pause. It just felt more personal, somehow, and like somehow it created the obligation for me to use all of them. Read More »

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