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One Orchestra Resists the Multicultural Tide

January 6, 2012



Mariss Jansons conducting the Vienna Philharmonic

THE VIENNA PHILHARMONIC’S New Year’s Day concert scored record television ratings this week. As I wrote here, the Austrian orchestra has resisted the multicultural and feminist changes embraced by most of the Western music world. Read More »


An 18th Century House Blessing

January 6, 2012



HERE is another example of Pennsylvania German fraktur, in this case a house blessing, or haussegen. It is written on behalf of the head of the household. The translated inscription [it appears to be a rough translation] reads: Read More »


Comments on a Letter Home

January 6, 2012



BRENDA writes:

Your grandfather’s letter was truly beautiful. For some reason it makes me think of a scene in National Treasure, where Abigail Chase is talking to Ben Gates about the language of the Declaration of Independence. She says to him, “People don’t talk that way anymore.” Ben replies, “No, but they think that way.”  Read More »


Women’s Magazines: Destroyers of Home and Culture

January 6, 2012


KAREN I. writes:

Below is an excerpt from an article in Redbook magazine in which a working mother admits that she left her 18-month-old child in the care of someone whose last name she didn’t know so she could get to work when her nanny called in sick! Read More »


All Schools Will be Required to Promote Homosexuality

January 6, 2012


DIANA writes:

May I suggest your readers take some time to read about the Student Non-Discrimination Act. Under the benign language of “non-discrimination,” the federal government will be able to force schools to accept the behavior of flamboyant, gender-nonconforming kids as normal. Read More »


Would Protectionism Have Saved Kodak?

January 6, 2012


ROGER G. writes:

Donald Trump said on the Sean Hannity Show yesterday that the once mighty Kodak has gone bankrupt because they didn’t get the U.S. government to protect them from Fuji. Trump argued that Fuji destroyed Kodak by selling below manufacturing costs.

Kristor, please address this. Read More »

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