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Daily Archives: February 1st, 2012

When Men Were Men – And Could Be Together

  RENÉE writes: I am struck by the image of Victorian men mentioned by one of the commenters in the entry about “men’s studies” — probably because I read quite a bit of literature from that time period. When I think of men from that era I often picture them smoking a pipe in the company of men, […]

The Atheist’s Faith

  ALAN ROEBUCK writes: Atheism now has a confession of faith. It’s in my essay “No Evidence for God?” posted at Intellectual Conservative. The essay makes the elementary and crucial point that most atheists, when they try to rebut arguments for God, simply presuppose atheism. Viewing reality through atheism-colored glasses, they naturally see what they […]

Would the World Have Been Better Off If Hitler Had Been Aborted?

  AT Townhall, Mike Adams explains why it would not. He also writes regarding the legalization of abortion:

The Renaissance According to NPR

  N.W. writes: Despite my conservative views, I still listen to NPR on a regular basis. I really shouldn’t. It often gets me mad. However, I enjoy that NPR gears its programming towards a more intelligent audience. I really got riled yesterday morning, however, with a piece on an art exhibit in Italy exploring the rise of banking in Florence at the start of the Renaissance. The segment […]