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Daily Archives: February 3rd, 2012

Contraception and the Culture War

MARY writes: Mike Adams writes eloquently about the issue of abortion and he is right: pre-1973 thinking about abortion is not enough. How about pre-contraception? Elizabeth Anscombe wrote this of contraception in 1972: “… what can’t be otherwise we accept; and so we accept death and its unhappiness. But possibility destroys mere acceptance. And so it […]

Another Example of How the Pursuit of Equality Leads to Inequality

KEVIN MYERS, writing in The Independent, examines the differences between women’s and men’s tennis and the injustice of awarding equal monetary prizes to female and male champions. He also ponders the extent to which women’s tennis has become a matter of sexual allure.

Kiryas Joel

  SEE the ongoing discussion in this entry of the Orthodox Jewish community of Kiryas Joel, where families are large and less than 50 percent of the working age men are employed.