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A Simple Question

February 24, 2012

DARREN R. writes:

Simple question: At what point can I honestly say modern liberal society worships women?

Laura writes:

Do you think a society that requires women to negate their femaleness worships women?

Excuse my language, but modern feminism is penis envy writ large.

— Comments —-

Fred Owens writes:

Excuse my language, but modern feminism is penis envy writ large.”

I call it me-too feminism. It so often surprises me to see women trying so hard to do something just because they have seen men do it. Pick a skill — football, or car repair, for instance. Men are better at those things…… Modern feminism is devoid of originality and independent thinking. If I was a woman, I would want to be darn good at what women can already do well and I would seek out or create new activities and endeavors that are not already occupied by men.

Sports is a glaring example of feminine inferiority. I cannot think of a single sport, from golf to basketball, where women perform as well as men, for on obvious reason — men invented those games. Now, if I were a female athlete, I would strive to invent a sport that brought out the best in a woman’s physical skills. Is it possible that women could invent a game or sport in which they actually can perform better than men?

But the imitative quality of modern feminism is discouraging and depressing.

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