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More on Health, Culture and Artificial Birth Control

February 12, 2012


ANDREW writes:

I read your recent blog posts on contraception, culture, white fertility and parenting with great interest.

Artificial contraception was introduced in Europe and North America decades before Asia, Africa and Latin America. I am a cancer specialist, and I can assure you that growing evidence clearly shows the link between hormonal contraception and breast cancer. Ovarian cancer may also be linked to estrogen pills.

Further, landmark studies have found that prostate cancer is linked to oral pills used by women. Here is one study. At this point it is not known whether it is due to direct absorption of estrogen by penis from vagina, or due to ingestion through water and food items. But the link is incontrovertible.

The explosive growth in depression among white women is a direct consequence of condom usage. Before 1960s when condoms made serious inroads, women used to receive adequate semen which has strong anti-depressant properties. Semen works like a medicine when absorbed in vagina to improve and mental health. But due to condoms, depression has been skyrocketing in Western World. Here is a relevant study.

As contraception has increased, so have STDs.

Culture, values and contraception have taken a huge toll on Western families, and I strongly recommend Western couples to consider migrating to natural living and rediscovering their Western roots.

Natural contraception involving a combination of cervical mucus indicator, menstrual cycle and abstinence is a much better, healthier and cost effective approach than condoms and pills.

Furthermore, the Western World has low population density, with wide open spaces so having children and families is natural and desirable. On the other hand, Asia and Africa have high population densities so having less children is absolutely necessary in those continents.

The population density of Japan, Korea and China is at least 10 times higher than USA, Europe and Russia.

Moreover, due to WWI and WWII 120 million Europeans were slaughtered, so it is the moral responsibility of all Westerners to have children to replenish their numbers.

Global diversity is a very important part of our common humanity. Declining global diversity means a less colorful humanity that lacks enrichment. In 1913, there were three whites and seven non-whites out of every ten humans. Today there is only one white and nine non-whites out of every ten humans.

We must address this declining diversity through a more balanced and fair approach where Westerners have a stake in global diversity. Having more children and stronger families is part of that approach.

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