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Daily Archives: March 12th, 2012

Sandra Fluke: Courageous Dissident

  DANIEL S. writes: While establishment feminism is often a force of left-wing social engineering and base power-mongering, it can all too often descend into an absurd narcissism that reveals how ridiculous, if still very dangerous, the movement is. Mark Steyn brings to our attention the following statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

A Continuing Discussion

  IN THE latest thread on Kirsty Stewart, the Royal Air Force pilot who was reassigned due to stress, Henry McCulloch, a former American fighter pilot, responds to the point made by another RAF pilot that it is no longer shameful for a pilot to be overcome by stress. Mr. McCulloch writes: Grounding oneself because of […]

Do We Live in Africa?

  JAMES P. writes: My local “ecumenical” church (which I do not attend) recently sent out a newsletter with a photo in the top left corner of two black children apparently swimming in a lake in Africa. The newsletter did not pertain to children, or Africa, in any way. It advertised a “healthy eating” seminar. […]

The Women’s Movement Comes Full Circle

  IBTISAAM BENZOIN writes: I recently read the following in the comments section of a feminist blog post, whining about how the American government is not doing much (i.e. flexible working arrangements, extened maternity leave etc.) to promote combining work and raising children:

Support the Alternative Media

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Ohio Legislator Wins Prestigious Award

  OHIO STATE Senator Nina Turner is the first recipient of this website’s Helen Kendrick Johnson Award. Johnson was one of many nineteenth century and early 20th century female anti-suffragists who believed women should not be given the vote or hold major office. The Helen Kendrick Johnson Award goes to a woman who proves that Mrs. Johnson was […]

Pathetic for Wanting a Wife Who Cleans and Cooks

  J.K. BALTZERSEN writes: If a man desires that his wife cooks him food, irons his clothes, does the dishes, cleans the house, etc., one need not look far for those who decry him as pathetic, sexist, disrespecting of women, in need for a replacement mom, doomed to be forever single, etc. However, if a […]

An In-Home Math Teacher

  AT City Journal, Laura Vanderkam writes about the online math tutorials of Salman Khan, which can be found at The lessons are free. With the Internet and video and audio technology, parents now have a remarkable number of low-cost alternatives to traditional schooling. It is possible to receive a first rate education, from kindergarten through college, […]

Normalcy is for the Rich

  SAGE McLAUGHLIN writes: In keeping with your repeatedly-stated theme that feminism brings “glitter and drama” to a fortunate few, but only personal and material impoverishment to most women, here is interesting commentary by James Taranto, copied in full. He wrote: Marriage and male responsibility for families were once the norm at all levels of American […]