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Daily Archives: March 27th, 2012

Power-Hungry and Proud of It

  HANNA ROSIN in a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal, part of a series on the sexual revolution, continues with her familiar talking point, first popularized in her Atlantic magazine essay, “The End of Men.” According to Rosin, women are more powerful than men today and they should thank the sexual revolution for that. There’s one problem with Mrs. […]

Line Breaks

  READERS may notice in the comments of some of the posts here, there are sometimes no line breaks between paragraphs. I recently updated my WordPress platform and this problem has been occurring frequently. Truthfully, it is driving me around the bend. I wanted to let you know I am trying to find a solution.

Canadian Court Finally Grants Human Rights to Sex Professionals

  MARK L. writes: Coming soon, to a neighborhood near moi — legalized brothels! I only recently found out that prostitution is considered legal according to Canada’s constitution. However, the practice was somewhat curtailed by laws making it illegal to solicit for sexual services for money and to operate brothels. This was all contradictory, and […]

Walter Williams on Trayvon

  THE CASE of John Sanderson, a student at Mississippi State University who was shot to death in his dorm room last week, has not inspired national outrage. Sanderson is white and only one of the three black men suspected in his murder has been arrested so far. The Mississippi Commissioner of Higher Education called the murder “a senseless […]