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The Lady in White

March 29, 2012


ALAN writes:

One day three years ago, I happened by chance to see an elderly woman walking slowly near an apartment building. She was dressed all in white and wearing an attractive white hat. Her distinctive dress caught my eye, and I thought to myself how extraordinary – and pleasant – it was to see such a lady in a culture where so many women agree to dress like men or adolescents.

About a year after that, I caught sight of the same woman, walking slowly and using a cane. She wore a white blouse, black-and-gray dress, black dress shoes, and a hat the color of straw. Everything about her suggested gracefulness and good taste. Read More »


Sarah Palin: Feminist Frontierswoman

March 29, 2012


DIANA writes:

Witness this cringeworthy piece of verbal incontinence from Sarah Palin (my comments in brackets):

I grew up hunting, fishing, playing sports, plowing snow, and chopping wood just like the guys. [Sarah, you may have done all that, but you didn’t chop as much wood or plow as much snow as a guy.] My parents raised my sisters and me to never consider gender an unequal element in anything

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St. Adrienne Rich Dies

March 29, 2012


LESBIANS have had special status on the obituary pages of The New York Times for some time now, but today’s front page eulogy for lesbian leftist poet Adrienne Rich is a tour de force of feminist beatification. One would think Joan of Arc had just passed away.

We learn all about Rich’s struggles in an oppressive society. She once knew the “pulverizing onus of traditional married life,” the “strain of domestic duties first hand” and “the soul-numbing dailiness of women’s lives.” Her husband knew the pulverizing onus of married life too. He committed suicide. She mysteriously preferred not to talk about her husband’s death.

Rich’s mother, we are told, forsook her career because she was “cleaving to the social norms of the day.” I guess it hadn’t even occurred to her to become a lesbian poet. Fortunately, Rich was able to escape her own domestic hell and become a leftist working for the “creation of a society without domination” — except of course domination by lesbian leftists and The New York Times. Though she sold almost a million copies of her books, Rich, a graduate of Radcliffe, was “triply marginalized,” as a lesbian, a Jew and …. what was it, oh yeah… a woman. If only she’d been black. Then she would have been quadruply marginalized and might have sold millions. (If only I could be doubly marginalized, I might be rich and oppressed too. Alas, I am just singly marginalized, and not very good at it.)

The obituary is excerpted below. Read More »


On the Psychodynamics of Slut Pride

March 29, 2012



It appears very easy to get young men fired up by simply asking the question, regarding young college women who are promiscuous, “What do you guys think about all those sluts?” The women then respond, “Where do you get off calling me a slut!” You know, this is just a thought, but maybe the “Slut Walks” are an effort to diffuse growing condemnation of “sluts” among men. Maybe men are growing in their hostility towards promiscuous women and women are seeking to combat this with “slut pride,” so to speak. Maybe the “Slut Walks” are not a sign of growing cultural liberalism but are instead a reaction against growing cultural conservatism being expressed as hostility from men towards women. Read More »


How To Survive College a Virgin

March 29, 2012


ANDREW L. writes:

As a recent graduate of an Ivy League college, I find Mary Eberstadt’s recent Wall Street Journal piece about the sexual revolution and its negative effects familiar.  I can attest to a sense of shell-shock as a freshman. My first few weeks were quite an education, as freshman girls, nervous, anxious, and eager to make friends, were exposed for the first time to co-ed living, alcohol, and freedom from parental supervision. Read More »

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