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Free Sterilizations, Children and the Attack on Parental Authority

March 22, 2012



President Obama and the Department of Health and Inhuman Services, as you know, recently decreed that free sterilizations be available to all college-age women under Obamacare.

But the truth is even more sinister. Note the wording of the HHS regulation.

As reported at CNS news, ‘[a]ll Food and Drug Administration [(FDA)] approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity,’ as prescribed by a provider,” said the HHS description of the regulation. [emphasis added]

This clause caught my eye,for all women with reproductive capacity.” Have you thought about the demographics included here? Girls obtain reproductive capacity these days as young as age nine or 10, but almost always by age 12 or 13. This is NOT just about college women. 

In Washington State where I live (and many other states), children are treated as adults for all contraceptive, STD treatment, counseling and psychiatric services, and substance abuse treatment at age 12-13, i.e., these services can be accessed by a child without the knowledge or consent of parents, and parents are legally barred from obtaining any information concerning such services without the express consent of the child as evidenced by a signed medical release. There is no age requirement for abortion.

I don’t believe the recent political drama is about a wealthy Georgetown Law student on a full ride scholarship; rather, it’s about young girls who have the legal ability to avail themselves of such services, but not the ability to pay. The bottleneck here is that while parents have lost their parental rights in these areas, they are still on the hook financially in many cases. I could be wrong, but I believe this has prevented young girls from availing themselves of their “rights” to the degree and in the numbers that liberals had hoped. Also, nonprofits have been losing funding previously utilized for providing “free” services. Now that such services are to be provided without “shared cost” to the patient by insurance companies, this opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for those providing various services with even a tenuous connection to reproduction. Remember, the majority of children are covered under their parents’ insurance policies, even though their parents have lost their legal right to information regarding that health care.

The following recent experiences bolster my opinion as to where this is all headed, i.e., a total loss of parental rights, incrementally of course.

Last year, when my child was 13 years old, she had major surgery at a hospital in a neighboring state. When the service provider is out of our insurance network, reimbursement is sent directly to the insured, in our case my husband, and we are responsible for paying the bill. Except in this case they did not send the checks to my husband; rather, because of the age of our child (13!), they sent checks in the amount of thousands and thousands of dollars directly to the child in her name only. They didn’t even make the checks out to her AND the hospital as is customary. She literally had the legal ability to cash the checks and use this money – that is how absurd things have become. What would have happened if she had been a different child and had cashed the checks? Would we owe that money? Could she have ran away? Imagine the high victim profile of a 13- to 16-year-old who is on the street with $25,000 or more! My child’s surgery was orthopedic, and did not fall into any of the “private from parents” categories listed above, with the exception of a pregnancy test that all female patients who have reached menses must undergo prior to surgery.

Recently, in order to obtain a copy of my now 14-year-old child’s blood tests (CBC, metabolic panel), I had to threaten to sue a local hospital. The lab assistant, in a vain attempt to make me go away, told me that the hospital had not even allowed her to see her own daughter’s lab information when her daughter was being treated for cancer. I informed her that she was either stupid or dishonest (in nicer words). She did finally provide the lab results, but very reluctantly. I later spoke with the privacy officer for the hospital who denied knowing that the lab supervisor had implemented the blanket “no info to parents” policy and the policy is supposedly being remedied to allow parents access to information that is not related to the above-listed medical procedures. Ironically, receptionists, medical billing clerks, insurance company clerks and more are all allowed to see my child’s medical records in ALL areas of treatment – but not her parents.

Around the same time, our 14-year-old had an appointment with her physician, who is part of a large, multi-site physicians’ group. The clinics provide accounts to patients whereby they can access their health information, appointments and lab results conveniently online. However, when my 14- year-old, who loves technology, requested an account for herself, she was told in my presence that patient accounts are not provided for children between the ages of 13 and 18 for the express purpose of preventing parents from accessing information to which they are not entitled by law.

Liberals (communists), are steadily moving in the direction of allowing all medical, dental, psychiatric and educational professionals to circumvent parents altogether under various guises such as reproductive rights, the ever-useful “all parents are abusive” and more.

Will young girls indoctrinated for years in public schools with radical beliefs about the environment and over-population, etc., soon be convinced to “do the right thing” and choose sterilization at absurdly young ages as they’ve been taught regarding other services?

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