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Russians Refuse Madonna-style Imperialism

March 22, 2012


DANIEL S. writes:

The has-been pop singer Madonna has promised to “speak up” up for the homosexual movement in Russia during in upcoming performance in that country. The Russians have threatened to fine her for her possible homosexual advocacy. What I want to know is what business is it of Madonna’s to go into another country and tell the people of that country how to order their society? My advice to the Russians would be to ban the arrogant pop singer and the rest of the glitter imperialists from coming entirely.

In a similar vein, I must confess my sympathy for the Mohammedan cleric in Indonesia who encouraged his countrymen to return their tickets for a Lady Gaga concert and boycott the event altogether, rightly noting that the malevolent Lady Gaga promotes immorality.

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Lydia Sherman writes:

I am not condoning war, but movie stars and pop stars who try to promote their agendas in other countries are the same people who protest when these countries enlist the aid of U.S. troops to help them fend off their enemies. Madonna, and others, would say that the U.S. has no business imposing its values of freedom on other countries.

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