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The VAWA Debate

March 21, 2012


OVER at U.S. News and World Report, reaction to my op-ed piece on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) continues. As of this moment, readers overwhelmingly agree with me and with Janice Shaw Crouse, who is also opposed to reauthorization of the domestic violence bill. However, yesterday afternoon, support for Deborah Tucker, executive director of the VAWA-funded National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, was heavy. There is a running tally of reader votes. Tucker currently has a differential of 0 points as opposed to 255 for this voice in the wilderness.

One reader, Cythnia V, writes:

I am married to an abusive man. I refuse to involve the law in any way because of this VAWA evil. I do not feel like I can turn to “justice” because what they are doing to men is not justice at all. I know without a doubt that my husband would not deserve the unjust punishments that they would dish out, so instead I get to deal with it all on my own. It would be great if there was a truly just moderator that would not destroy my whole marriage and treat my husband like less than a dog.

Another reader writes:

VAWA is a system for enhancing sociopaths and sociopath enablers like the police and prosecutors and judges who have been bought off by the DV industry or who are prejudicial feminists. This injustice must be stopped.

And another reader states that I have no right to express my opinion because my husband does not beat me.


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A reader writes:

Can’t your husband bust you one for a good cause?

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