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Unanswered Questions Regarding the Dharun Ravi Case

March 19, 2012


DIANA writes:

These are not questions that address the actual legal swamp/thicket that Dharun Ravi was placed in during his trial for hate crimes by the New Jersey state prosecutors office. That is a whole can of worms, which begins in the legislature, and which involves such noisome organizations as “Garden State Pride” – I checked their website after this wretched verdict, and it reeked of preening triumphalism. I’ll spare you. The site also bragged about their active efforts to introduce ever more bad legislation to New Jersey, which we can be confident, will prevail. The middle-class parents of New Jersey have no idea how their state is literally being perverted – on their dime. Then they send their kids to a state-supported college, and look what can happen.

Here are my questions:

1. Does Rutgers University have a policy on sex in shared rooms? It must – what is it?

2. Does Rutgers University have a policy on allowing non-students into shared rooms? It must, and what is it?

3. Do Dharun Ravi’s parents have a case against Rutgers University for failing to act in loco parentis and allowing Tyler Clementi to have repeated sexual encounters with a 30-year old non-student in a shared room?

4. Why was the identity of “M.B.” (Clementi’s sex tryst partner) kept hidden? He’s well-above juvenile age. Surely it could NOT be because he would be exposed as homosexual, which is officially considered a perfectly normal variant of male sexuality in liberal America. Is he hiding something? Is he married? Even while testifying, “M.B”‘s name was not revealed. Even rape shield laws don’t go this far. They prohibit publication of the alleged rape victim’s name but not in the court.  [Related questions: Can we safely say that gays are now, not a protected class, but a legally and socially exalted one? When will this end, and where will this take us?]

5. Why did M.B. not even know Clementi’s last name, before Clementi’s suicide and reading of Ravi’s charging in a newspaper? (Is this even true, or did he learn of Clementi’s name after being contacted by the authorities?)

6. Did Tyler Clementi ever express the urge to commit suicide, did he have prior suicide attempts, and if so, when was the most recent one?

7. What was on Clementi’s suicide note, which is being suppressed?

8. What went on between Clementi and his mother in the weeks before the suicide. He emailed someone that she “totally rejected me” for revealing his homosexuality to her.

9. Bonus impolite question: Is it OK to say that men who have sex with one another without knowing one another’s full names are promiscuous, unstable and possibly dangerous? (From above link: “M.B. admitted he didn’t know Clementi’s last name until he heard it on the news after the teen’s suicide. Asked by Altman if the two had ever gone out for coffee, watched a movie together, or gone anywhere other than Clementi’s dorm room, M.B. answered they hadn’t.”)

10. Bonus bonus question: Are semi-anonymous sexual encounters between males the kind of things we now consider normal and desirable?

11. Forget the last question. We already know the answer.

                    — End of Initial Entry —

Diana writes:

Rutgers U guest policy is as follows. Ravi should have asked Clementi not to bring guests over and he would
have been completely in the right. He did something foolish. He stepped “into it.” What a nightmare.

Guest Policy

University Housing is provided for the exclusive use of Rutgers students as assigned by the campus housing offices. Guests are permitted for no more than three nights; all the while, residents are advised that they are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

A student may not permit visitors to use the housing facilities for any period of time, over the objection of their roommate(s), if it becomes a source of complaint by other residents or university staff, or when its use becomes, through duration or frequency, a de facto subcontracting of space to an unauthorized person. Violation of the
guest policy may result in judicial action and/or termination of the resident’s housing agreement and removal of the guest from university housing.

When you invite a guest to visit you, provide him/her with your telephone number and ask that he or she calls upon arrival. Do not prop any entry doors open, an alarm may sound and your convenience could lead to another resident being robbed or injured. It is your responsibility to meet your guest at the building entrance. Do not
allow strangers into your home. Persons making deliveries are not allowed in the facility unless met and accompanied by a resident.

MarkyMark writes:

There’s one question that I haven’t heard the national media ask with regard to the Dharun Ravi case: what about Mr. Ravi’s right not to be SUBJECTED to an abominable lifestyle? What about Mr. Ravi’s right to not have sodomy thrust in his face? What about HIS feelings and thoughts on the matter? Since he was a young man of Indian descent, it’s almost certain that he’d never been exposed to this sort of thing before. What about the impact that had on him? Everyone kvetches about Tyler Clementi, but no one stops to consider Dharun Ravi’s thoughts, feelings, and desires concerning this matter.

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