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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dan Savage Stands by His Remarks

  WHY WAS Dan Savage, the sick personality behind the It Gets Better Project, speaking to a convention of high school journalists last week? Leave aside his hateful comments to students about the “bullsh*t in the Bible,” why was he even there? The answer is, he had to be there. If not him, someone very much like him. Our schools are irreversibly committed […]

Van Gogh Flowers

    VINCENT van Gogh painted  “Blossoming Almond Tree” as a gift to his brother Theo on the occasion of the birth of his son, on Jan. 31, 1890. Theo named the baby after van Gogh, who wrote to his mother: “How glad I was when the news came… I should have greatly preferred him to call the boy after […]

Graffiti in Ancient Times

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: As this rare documentary footage reports, the graffiti problem is an ancient one, by no means peculiar to contemporary modernity. Older civilizations, such as the Roman, had to deal with it, and, as opposed either to tolerating or encouraging it, found effective means to curb its profligacy.

Out of the Convent and Into the Cultural Revolution

  IN 1966, Pope Paul VI urged all Catholics who had taken religious vows to “to examine and renew their way of life and towards that end to engage in wide-ranging experimentation.” The wide-ranging experimentation that ensued was a full-blown disaster. Thousands of nuns picked up and left. Many more who might have taken vows, […]

The Vatican and the Leftist Nuns

              DON VINCENZO writes: In January, 2009, the Vatican announced that an Apostolic Visitation would be made to inquire about the state of “women religious” in the U.S. What this generally means is that Vatican clerics or their representatives are directed by members of papal “dicastries” or departments to investigate […]

Graffiti, on Buildings and Bodies

  BEN writes: Alan wrote: “I suggest that “graffiti” is a word so drenched in mendacity that we should abandon it entirely. It is a buzzword favored not by decent men and women or by those who produce Art worthy of that name, but by Modernist Art racketeers and their flunkeys. Spray-paint vandalism is and should […]

The Imminent Implosion of a Society of Zombies

  I WAS TALKING with a friend yesterday about the likelihood that, in the not-too-distant future, we will be witnessing the almost total breakdown of our economy. And then, in a case of synchronicity, I came across this remarkable essay in The Remnant by John C. Médaille, who examines the economic and cultural causes for this imminent collapse, and advocates that we approach […]

A Movie Theater With a Dress Code

  ALAN writes: Many excellent points were made in the recent discussions, here and here, of proper dress. I contribute this additional example: In 1957, the manager of a motion picture theatre in North Tonawanda, New York, was plagued with rowdy behavior by youngsters dressed in leather jackets, blue jeans, shorts, and boots. So he decided to […]

Boy Kicked Off Team

  NATASSIA writes: I am sure you will find the humor in this news article. I certainly did. This boy began playing for the girls’ varsity high school field hockey team when he was 11 or 12 years old. And now that he is dominating the team (probably thanks to the onset of puberty), he is […]

Cardinal Pell on Adam and Eve

  IN A debate this week with the atheist Richard Dawkins, Cardinal George Pell of Australia stated that Adam and Eve are entirely mythical, homosexual unions are acceptable and atheists can go to heaven. At The Remnant, Michael J. Matt writes:

The Anti-Feminist Prophecies of Henry James

    ARETE writes: Thank you so much for your recommendation of Henry James’s novel The Bostonians (also discussed here, here, here and here.) I just finished it and I am reeling. I partly read it and partly listened to it through Librivox while I did my housework. I highly recommend Librivox to all my friends and you might […]

From Slothful to Stylish

  AT Camera Lucida, Kidist Paulos Asrat has a long post on how to improve the visual environment. She advocates starting with one’s own appearance: Avoid sneakers, sweatshirts and many other parts of the drab uniform of modern life. She writes: [T]he interesting thing about aesthetics is that it doesn’t require “equality” to function in […]

With Memories of a Mother’s Devotion

  DEAR Laura Wood, I’m a little bit ashamed of myself because I often thought to write and say thank you for your website, your time, and your work. The young French man beat me to it. His letter greatly moved me. My heart goes out to traditional women. I know that traditional women are under […]


More on Ann Romney

  PAUL writes: How could anything Ann Romney said in her speech Monday in any way be thought of as a retort to the feminist idea that women do not belong at home raising their children? It is not a retort but a full acceptance of feminism. Mitt Romney is going to get more and more […]