The Thinking 

A Continuing Discussion

April 2, 2012


THE DISCUSSION continues in the entry “Law and Disorder: The End of Male Mentoring at Law Firms,” an extremely important topic that is relevant to many other professional fields.

The dream of an egalitarian work force is a lie. Male and female are radically different. The attempt at equality boils down to favoritism for women. Indeed deference to women is rooted in human biology so it is no surprise. Equality means the gradual emasculation of professional fields, with men deprived of the favoritism that is their due. This is a trend that is opposed to the better interests of both men and women. Read More »


The First Lady

April 2, 2012



AT Camera Lucida, Kidist Paulos Asrat writes about Michelle Obama’s latest fashion transgression, yet another hideously ugly get-up that represents a finger in the air to the institution of First Lady. She’s more the First Bratty Teenager who needs a mother to tell her to go home and get changed.

Michelle is like so many adults today. They think the duty of a parent is to act juvenile. She reminds me of Christine Lagarde, the chief of the International Monetary Fund, who, when presented with a job opportunity in Chicago that entailed leaving her sons in Europe, asked her eleven-year-old son for permission to go. Of course, her son said, “Go for it, Mom!” But then most children out of love for their parents will become authority figures, if asked. They then go on to become juvenile adults, having never had childhoods of their own.

Below is Michelle further demonstrating the dignity of her office while presenting an award to Taylor Swift, who displays the stiffness characteristic of a woman trying to keep her dress from slipping. Read More »