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Ordinary Morning; Extraordinary Sight

April 17, 2012



A Grateful Reader writes:

At ten fifteen this morning, we heard a roar in the air. It was the right time, but not the right place. Our neighborhood was not on the scheduled flight path. Hopefully, my son ran to the door, and we followed him into the front yard. Looking up, we saw the space shuttle Discovery perched atop the 747 accompanied by a military jet. Time stood still. Flying slowly and low directly along our suburban street, they nearly touched the tops of the trees. Read More »


The Pyramid of Self

April 17, 2012

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

JEFF W. writes:

Sheryl Sandberg’s life may seem loveless and Godless, but she, of course, is part of a larger culture that devalues love and values “self-actualization.”

University-trained modern Americans are taught that love is a chemical reaction of short duration. Universities do not teach that there is an eternal love that comes from God and that the Holy Spirit pours into human hearts. Read More »

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