The Thinking 

A Continuing Discussion

April 2, 2012


THE DISCUSSION continues in the entry “Law and Disorder: The End of Male Mentoring at Law Firms,” an extremely important topic that is relevant to many other professional fields.

The dream of an egalitarian work force is a lie. Male and female are radically different. The attempt at equality boils down to favoritism for women. Indeed deference to women is rooted in human biology so it is no surprise. Equality means the gradual emasculation of professional fields, with men deprived of the favoritism that is their due. This is a trend that is opposed to the better interests of both men and women.

Of course, no one is talking about creating an all-male workforce or barring women from professional advancement. Rather, society should recognize that women have an entirely separate sphere in which to demonstrate their mastery and to attain vital fulfillment: family and home. As men will never have the elemental power women have in this separate sphere and bear much heavier financial responsibilities, the world of achievement and work is more centrally theirs. It is rightfully theirs first. Jobs are limited. Jobs do not grow on trees. What does this mean? It means all government-enforced favoritism for women in the form of affirmative action laws and regulations are evil and should be recognized for the totalitarian edicts they are. Men should be free to favor men as employees and partners. As it is now, only women are truly free to do so.

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