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The Imminent Implosion of a Society of Zombies

April 28, 2012


I WAS TALKING with a friend yesterday about the likelihood that, in the not-too-distant future, we will be witnessing the almost total breakdown of our economy. And then, in a case of synchronicity, I came across this remarkable essay in The Remnant by John C. Médaille, who examines the economic and cultural causes for this imminent collapse, and advocates that we approach it not with horror but with hope. He writes:

[T]he fear right now is of a general economic and social collapse.

Are these fears justified? I believe they are. Indeed, I do not believe that constitutional government, or such of it that remains to us, will survive to the end of the decade, and that the Union, and the world with it, will not fracture into many pieces. And if that is the case, then the great question for the readers of this journal is, “What’s a Remnant to do?”

What I wish to do here is to examine the causes of the coming collapse and the shape it might take, and then to examine the resources the remnant can bring to the world. And most especially, I want to examine the one factor that makes this collapse unique in all of history, and that is the presence of the zombies, and I want to answer the question posed by popular culture, namely, “Will there be any zombies?”

                                                             —- Comments —-

Paul writes:

I agree with, “People, deprived of comfort and customs, and anxious over the next meal or a place to sleep, will at least be mad, and likely prone to madness. But they are unlikely to fall victim to mere ideology, and we may have it in our power to calm their anxiety. And I suspect that we will discover that the things we will have to give up are not things that we really wanted anyway, and that what we stand to gain is what we were always looking for.” This is why I propose that traditionalists vote for Obama should the election appear close and stay home if Romney is well ahead.

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