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The Logical End of Mass Acceptance of Contraception

April 20, 2012


WRITING in response to this entry about married couples who are “childless by choice,” Art from Texas writes:

At the university I am attending there are several married women in Earth Science classes with me, and only one has had any children. Several of the young women in my class have quite openly said that they find the idea of being pregnant and having another life inside them disturbing. Those are the views and lifestyles of my generation.

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A reader writes:

That reminds me of a mother I met who was repulsed by the thought of using her breasts for feeding her infants. To her, breasts had a sexual meaning, not a nurturing one.

Jane S. writes:

When my niece got married, she confided to me that she was scared to deliver a baby. She’s heard hair-raising delivery room stories. You can’t blame her, really. We’ve all heard those stories.

When she got close to her due date, I asked the prayer circle at my church to pray for her. I also posted prayer requests on online prayer forums I frequent.

I arranged for a mass to be dedicated to her and, purely by luck, I picked the day she went into the hospital.

How this influenced the outcome, I can’t say, but I know she was very grateful for the fact that over 100 people were praying for her and eagerly waiting to hear how it went.

She had a perfectly normal delivery and a perfectly healthy baby girl. Now she says she is not afraid anymore. She knows she can do it.

It’s natural for women to be apprehensive about pregnancy and childbirth. Telling them they shouldn’t be afraid will not help. They need to be reassured that they will get through it and say it was worth the trouble.

Laura writes:

Yes, it is not unusual or abnormal for a young woman to be apprehensive about pregnancy and childbirth. And, maybe the women Art spoke to were expressing apprehension only. But his impression was that they considered childbirth too foreign and unfamiliar to desire.

Jane responds:

Right. My point is, it’s natural, and understandable, and reasonable for women to have a certain horror of pregnancy and childbirth. Giving birth is no joke.

Women who grow up marinating in the feminist stew will conclude that motherhood is alien and something to be avoided. It’s to be expected. They’re already halfway there.

Women in my grandmother’s day accepted the suffering that goes along with childbirth as part of God’s will, spelled out very clearly in the Bible, chapter 1.

Belief in God encourages you to accept that suffering is part of your due, and to face it with courage. Feminism teaches you to cave into fears that you already have. Especially if it conveniently serves the goal of extinguishing the human race.

Gail Garrasi Aggen writes:

“But his impression was that they considered childbirth too foreign and unfamiliar to desire.”

How divorced from reality and the natural order can these women be? I have long known that society has gone feral, but these sentiments suggest a real psychosis blooming. Not to worry; in a generation or so, all the nuttiness will have been culled from the earth as the vast majority of educated Westerners will have caused the extinction of their people and their attendant insanity.

Jill Farris writes:

This isn’t just the logical end of mass acceptance of contraception, it is also the planned end of the indoctrination received from schools that babies are expensive, restrict freedom and ruin your life. My husband and I have hated the program in public schools where teens are given a “baby” to care for around the clock in order to teach them how hard it is. Schools used to give them an egg and they failed the course if the egg ended up broken. The middle school near us now gives teens expensive dolls that cry in the middle of the night and the crying won’t stop unless the teen gets up and picks up the doll. One girl found out that getting frustrated with the doll and short circuiting its expensive little system to turn off the crying cost her money and gave her an F.

I don’t know what the stats are for these classes but I doubt they are great. Are they really teaching kids to not have sex in order to prevent the horror and hard work of a baby?? I doubt it. The teens are being taught that the baby is the problem. Have sex and do whatever it takes to get rid of the baby.

This program doesn’t let the teen experience the delight of picking up a baby and hearing it giggle with joy in the middle of the night. It doesn’t let the teen experience the sense of protection that even an immature parent can feel as he sees his own child for the first time. There are all sorts of experiences and emotions that are left out of this program and I always feel sad as I see these young men and women lugging around a doll with a haggard look on their faces. Will their future children experience less love and nurturing because these young parents believe that child raising is meant to be burdensome, exhausting and joyless? May God save us from more parents who hate their children.

Lydia Sherman writes:

When a real baby cries, mothers feel their milk coming in, and also the baby’s cry brings out a natural instinct in the mother to go to the baby, whether she is tired or not.

Brandon F. writes:

This is how extreme it is. The last paragraph is one of the sickets things I have ever read.

[Warning to reader: This link includes obscene language.]

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