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The Pizza Economy

April 3, 2012


THE Associated Press reports:

An 11-year-old Dutch boy has gone where many of the best economic minds in Europe have feared to tread and proposed a radical solution to the European single currency’s problems – using a pizza as his inspiration.

Jurre Hermans received a special mention from judges for the prestigious Wolfsohn Economics Prize, which comes with a $401,000 award. He came up with a scheme for an orderly return of the Greece economy to its old currency, the drachma.  The boy suggested Greeks hand in all euros to banks and receive drachme in return. The banks would use this enormous euro “pizza” to give out slices – extra cheese, please – to Greece’s creditors.

I would also like to be considered for that prize. I say, why not use miniature pizzas – coated with shellac to keep the sauce from getting on people’s hands – for currency?

— Comments —

Vincent C. writes:

Let it not be forgotten, ladies and gentlemen, that in the pizza economy as in all such other transfers of money, it would still be that, at any level and/or operational consideration, the best pizza, with or without shellac added, would still be in Naples (Italy, not Florida.) Once again, such wealth would bring Naples to the cusp of being one of the financial major cities in the world as it was part of la Magna Graecia.

Further, the strong desire of tourists to see this fascinating and crescent shaped city in a bay dominated by an active volcano, would be overwhelming, adding further to its riches.

Finally, once again the words rendered immortal by those who saw this site in the 19th century would come to life:

Vedi Napoli e muore….See Naples and die. But, hopefully, this time rich.


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