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Daily Archives: May 3rd, 2012

Attacks by Homofascists You’ll Never See in the News

  HETEROSEPARATIST.COM features a video made by Tradition, Family and Property of its volunteers who, while picketing against the redefinition of marriage, were threatened, pepper-sprayed, punched, cursed, assaulted with beer bottles and spat upon. Their literature was stolen and burned. As you’ll notice, all of the attackers are white, mostly between the ages of 18 and 30. As a commenter below […]

Nuns Twirl Toward Evolutionary Bliss

THE Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the largest organization of American nuns, was recently censured by the Vatican for its feminist, leftwing ideology. LCWR will be holding its annual national assembly this August. The theme is, “Mystery Unfolding: Leading in the Evolutionary Now.” Judging from the event logo, above, the “evolutionary now” is a global, multiracial, panreligious era of One World Bliss. Notice the […]

Canadian Columnist Likes New Ideas

  ANN DOUGLAS, columnist for the Toronto Star and author of books on baby care and motherhood, recently interviewed a sex education expert who advised broadening teen education to include lessons on what sexual moaning sounds like, how to tell if a drunk girl really consents, and the sexist stereotypes in pornography. Douglas was interested and approving of Cory Silverberg’s ideas. “Teenagers need to know what pleasure […]

Photos of French Decline

  TIBERGE of Galliawatch writes: Elizabeth Badinter, like Simone Veil, has consistently closed her eyes to the reality of the destruction of the French family and the slow steady takeover of the country by Islam. Both women, being Jewish, have aroused no small amount of resentment among traditional Catholics. Robert Badinter, her husband, was responsible […]