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Daily Archives: May 4th, 2012

The Life of Julia

  THE OBAMA administration’s womanly ideal is a female eunuch who has one child (just like women in China!!!) after years of student debt and lots of carcinogenic contraceptives provided free by Uncle Obama. She has no husband, but that’s okay. She starts her own business and volunteers in a community garden. Dana Loesch at has the full story.

The Philosophical Roots of a World of Sweatshirts and Jeans

  IN A letter to the editor at The New Oxford Review, the Rev. Kenneth Baker writes: Radical informality is an assault on form. Form in our culture has taken a big hit since the 17th century. Jay Richards, in his book God and Evolution, points out that Des­cartes identified quantity with essence and thereby eliminated form. […]

Government: Hurray, More Girls on Steroids!

  A NEW CDC study shows that sexual activity among teenage girls continues to decline from its high in the mid-1990′s. It also shows an increase in the use of the Pill among teenagers. According to the Associated Press: More teen girls now use the best kinds of birth control, a new government study says. About 60 percent of teen girls who […]