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The Metamorphosis of Emily Post

May 5, 2012



Emily Post

AT Tradition in Action, Marian Horvat examines the life and influence of Emily Post, the famous etiquette writer.  Mrs. Post, she says, went through a gradual transformation over the course of her life and ultimately embraced many of the abuses she once condemned. Ms. Horvat writes:

Emily Post’s central commandment was to always put others at their ease. More than relying on rules, she held that kindness and consideration for others covered all evils. This is true in the matter of a broken glass or a spilled drink, but good manners must also be governed by absolute morals. At times, one must choose to do or say what is right and correct over what is kind or accommodating. Such morals are missing in Emily Post’s Etiquette. Read More »


Childless Shanghai

May 5, 2012



Here’s a shocking statistic from the Economist magazine. From the article, “China’s Achille’s Heel“:

 “Over the past 30 years, China’s total fertility rate—the number of children a woman can expect to have during her lifetime—has fallen from 2.6, well above the rate needed to hold a population steady, to 1.56, well below that rate (see table).

 But for now it [the one-child policy] is firmly in place, and very low fertility rates still prevail, especially in the richest parts of the country. Shanghai reported fertility of just 0.6 in 2010—probably the lowest level anywhere in the world.”

 Did you catch that? The Total Fertility Rate in Shanghai, China was 0.6 in 2010; less than one-third the replacement rate! Shanghai is the richest city in China with per capita income close to the standards of the rich Western countries. It is the most densely populated city in the country and the largest city by population in the world; it had 23 million people in 2010. This is about the same population as the country of Taiwan. Shanghai as a city has a population a little smaller than Texas (Texas has 26 million people). For every woman in Shanghai who has two children during her lifetime there are two other women who never have children at all. It is hard to imagine what that kind of insanity is like.

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