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“Sisters of Marxianity”

May 6, 2012


MARK RICHARDSON at Oz Conservative further explores the leftist ideology of the nuns of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.


Discussion of Homofascism

May 6, 2012


NEW comments have been added to the entry on recent attacks by homofascists and their hate-filled supporters.

It’s important to emphasize one point. These attacks are not simply the work of a fanatical fringe. Not only do we see ordinary people driving and walking down the street participating in them, but we see the vast portion of America participating. This violence has been aided and encouraged by the mainstream, which constantly stokes the anger and resentment behind it. Those who believe that by embracing homosexuality, this resentment will diminish are remarkably deluded. In fact, the more society agrees that homosexuals have been victimized (legitimizing same-sex “marriage” is extravagant confirmation of victimhood), the more any disapproval of homosexuality will be viewed as an outrage.

All speech in favor of traditional morality would have to be forcibly suppressed for this seething, ever-flowing font of hostility and hatred to be quelled. Civil union measures and the same-sex “marriage” project are inherently totalitarian.


Geert Wilders Speaks on His New Book

May 6, 2012



Commenting on the general clamor among “thousands of little groups” in Germany in the 1920s, each one hawking its own “set notion of life,” the novelist Robert Musil foresaw a time in the near future when “a genuine paranoiac” would no longer “be able to resist competing with the amateurs.” I have recalled this exquisite prediction many times since I read it years ago. On May 1, it came to mind again.

After a day in which the Occupy movement marked the old socialist-communist “workers’ holiday” of May Day with the usual Occupy slogans of class warfare and scattered outbreaks of lawless behavior, Geert Wilders’s interview that night by Sean Hannity was a sobering reminder of the discipline with which militant Islam exploits the decaying authority of our institutions and channels its ancient drive against the unbeliever, a word that confronts us throughout the Koran. Read More »

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