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Daily Archives: May 7th, 2012

A Socialist Victory in an Unraveling France

  TIBERGE at Galliawatch has posted an eight-minute video of François Hollande celebrating his victory in the presidential election at the Place de la Bastille. She writes: Hollande, who seems to be hoarse, shouts that he is happy that the young people he is addressing will construct the new French republic. This is an eerie […]

The Leaving-Children-in-Hot-Cars Season Begins

  NATASSIA writes: In Houston, Texas a man forgot his infant in the back of his truck while he attended a conference. He did not realize it until his wife called to see how their kids were doing. The child died. In Dallas, a mother left her child in her hot car to drink margaritas […]

Gazing at My Navel (and My Empty Womb)

  ONLY a culture amusing itself to death would listen to the Mother’s Day ramblings of an intentionally infertile woman who wonders, at the advanced age of 44, whether to have a child without a husband. Eve Ledermain writes in her anti-motherhood Mother’s Day essay in The New York Times: I’m afraid of undertaking motherhood alone, in a tiny apartment with a three-flight […]

The Sisterhood, cont.

  HERE IS a sickening glimpse into the worldview of feminist Catholic nuns. It’s an interview in the Minneapolis Post with Sister Brigid McDonald of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. This is a woman seething with resentment and bitterness toward male authority. The Vatican’s recent disciplinary action against American nuns stems from a fear of powerful women, she contends in the interview: […]

Questions Surrounding Van Gogh’s Death

  A READER writes: Regarding your recent entry on Vincent van Gogh, you may be pleased to know that there has recently been serious doubts cast on the belief that he killed himself. In brief, art historians who set out to write the first comprehensive, definitive biography of van Gogh discovered that his suicide was […]

From the Mailbag

  WINNIE writes: I love your blog. Thank you a thousand times over for your thoughtful discussions, hard work and attention to the Truth and the Common Good. You present a consistently edifying, validating and encouraging message to me, the daughter of a ground-breaking, unwitting feminist. For over a decade now, my family has been […]