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Daily Archives: May 9th, 2012

Obama Supports Marriage for Homosexuals

  NOT only did Obama finally say he supports same-sex “marriage” today, a statement which was no surprise at all, but he specifically affirmed the importance of redefining marriage for members of the military: I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors when […]

A Temporary Victory in Colorado

  STEVE writes: Colorado Speaker of the House Frank McNulty (R) last night finally stepped up and killed the Civil Unions Bill before it could go to the floor for a vote. Had the bill gone to the floor, most likely it would have passed because of the votes of moderate Republicans. The media reports on […]

Tagg Romney and the Outsourced Pregnancy

  JENNIFER LAHL at the Center for Bioethics and Culture reacts to the news that Mitt Romney’s eldest son, Tagg, hired a surrogate mother to bear twins, his fifth and sixth children, who were born last week. Lahl writes that she is “shocked and disgusted.” Surrogacy is commercial exploitation even if the hired mother is an […]

On Children Stowed in Hot Cars

  HURRICANE BETSY writes: This will make some people mad, but I have nothing but sorrow for normal people (not psychopaths) who just have this sudden memory blackout and leave their children in the car in the sorts of situations you describe. They have to live with the consequences of what they did for the rest […]

Families Then and Now

  VINCENT C. writes: When one reaches a certain age – mine – and looks back at today’s child rearing practices, I cannot help but notice how U.S. society has been transformed in the past half century. No societal change has been more dramatic than the victory, temporary, I would pray, of convincing young women […]