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An Exhibitionist on the Cover of Time

May 11, 2012


DUE to a formatting problem, the discussion in the previous entry about the Time cover of a mother breastfeeding her older child in a provocative pose is continued here.

Mary writes:

Funny how this dovetails so nicely with Elizabeth Badinter’s recent statements. Hmmm…one might even get the impression that there is some kind of unified message being presented in the media. Read More »


A Time Cover

May 11, 2012


BUCK writes:

I’m sure that many have sent this to you. The boy is said to be three years old. He looks more like a first grader. At any rate, he looks to be too old and in no need for breastfeeding, and conversely and more importantly, too young to be posing for this kind of photo. I’ve no doubt that the publishers intended that this be erotic to some and a great source of titillation to adolescents and high school students, who will certainly be ogling this cover. Crass marketing and the hyper-sexualizing of children? Or, am I missing something?