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Happy Mother’s Day

May 12, 2012


Still life by Giovanna Garzoni

Rock Me To Sleep

                  Elizabeth Akers Allen

Backward, turn backward, O time, in your flight;
Make me a child again, just for tonight!
Mother, come back from that echoless shore;
Take me again in your heart as of yore —
Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care,
Smooth the few silver threads out of my hair,
Over my slumbers your loving watch keep —
Rock me to sleep, mother — rock me to sleep!

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A Tribute to My Mother

May 12, 2012


ALAN writes:

Whenever I think of modern culture, the word that comes immediately to mind is: Decadence. Whenever I think of my mother, the word that comes immediately to mind is: Decency. Two things could not be more unlike.

My mother never enjoyed a moment of fame, fortune, or glamour. She lived quietly by the untrendy, unglamorous virtues of self-discipline, self-restraint, hard work, responsibility, and loyalty to her family, home, and friends. Neglect, evasion, excuses – no such things ever existed in her character or her vocabulary. She did her job in life. She minded her own business and never tried to mind anyone else’s. Read More »


Two Obituaries of Mothers

May 12, 2012


MY great-great grandmother, Catherine Garvey, was born in Castleblaney, Ireland in 1816. She married, moved to America, had seven children (two of whom died in infancy) and took care of her home in Pennsylvania. She became a widow at the age of 60 when her husband fell down the stairs in the middle of the night.

Catherine Garvey died in 1905 at the home of her daughter. She was 89. Her obituary in the Scranton Times contained a brief description of her life that is worth contemplating this Mother’s Day. It read in part:

Mrs. Garvey’s character was noble and grand. She centered her affection upon her family and made the circle of her home the embodiment of virtue and happiness and in her dealings with her neighbors she was always kind and charitable. Read More »


Attachment Parenting, Time Magazine and a Frontal Attack on Motherhood

May 12, 2012


ARETE writes:

I too was disturbed by the photograph on the cover of Time. That was the point of it. This was a very direct frontal attack on motherhood and I will explain why.

Now, thanks to one of the biggest magazines in the country, millions have a negative first impression of breastfeeding. If Time just needed a visual they could have chosen a beautiful painting by any of the masters but they chose this awful photo on purpose. This picture equates nursing with perversity! This is an attempt to make mothers who have normal, close nursing relationships of one to two years look like perverts and extremists. Whatever handful of mothers there are who breastfeed children of three are not doing so in tank tops in front of millions. (That looks like a photoshop job to me anyway … that child is huge!) Read More »

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