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How the World Views the Immodesty of the West

May 19, 2012


ADITYA B. writes:

I discovered your blog through VFR and am an avid reader of both. I consider Lawrence Auster my guru as he is primarily responsible for the evolution of my weltanschauung.

I admire your prose and insightful commentary on what passes for modern culture. Your ability to dissect the zeitgeist and leave it bare is almost unparalleled. Therefore, I want to ask you whether you believe that women like Valérie Trierweiler, France’s First Girlfriend, have any sense of self-awareness.

Do these women realize that most non-whites regard all white women as nothing more than a piece of meat? And when confronted by one who looks like she can accessorize her dress with a lamp post and a public defender, most non-whites will not only not take her seriously, they will not take her husband, companion, escort, whatever they call ’em nowadays seriously. In her case, her country will not be taken seriously as most non-whites are going to conclude that it is a land of prostitutes, and indeed, they even put one on the highest pedestal of power. Read More »


On Hindu Patriarchy

May 19, 2012


PRIYA writes: 

As a Hindu expatriate who had been exposed to only the modern U.S., it’s a pleasure to read your views on traditionalism. What has prompted me to correspond was the discussion in the entry, “When Will Women Rule Everything?” — especially the views expressed regarding Hindu culture and the role of women.

Jane S. writes, “For thousands of years, Hindus had a custom known as “sati,” where a woman who outlived her husband was expected to burn herself alive on his funeral pyre.”

Sati was completely voluntary. If it was forced upon Hindu women for thousands of years, as Jane claims, Hindus would have been finished as a civilization long ago. Read More »

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