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On Mental Paralysis

May 21, 2012



One of the main jobs of liberalism is to incapacitate people’s rational faculty and their will, so as to assure the smooth running of the liberal order and the steady destruction of liberalism’s host society and culture.


Will Georgetown Be Exorcised?

May 21, 2012


THIS IS one of the most wonderful news stories I have read in a long time. From The Washington Post:

The author who turned Georgetown University into a horror scene in “The Exorcist” plans to sue the school in church court, charging that his alma mater has strayed so far from church doctrine that it should no longer call itself Catholic. Read More »


At Last: A Film About Female Sex Tourists

May 21, 2012



A graphic, unflinching look at the delicate interplay of desire, money and power among European women sex tourists and African gigolos hit the screen yesterday in the Cannes contender “Paradise: Love”. Read More »


“Married” Pedophile Accused of Abusing More than 60 Children

May 21, 2012


A DUTCH man accused of sexually abusing more than 60 children was “married” to his homosexual lover. Under American law, this man would be able to adopt children or obtain children through surrogates and raise them in his home. How long before we see children subjected to a lifetime of abuse by their adoptive homosexual parents? Heterosexual men commit sexual abuse too, but they do not have the same rate of sexual perversion against the young.

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May 21, 2012


THERE are a number of comments yet to post in the thread on Hindu patriarchy and in the very long and heated thread on recent census figures that suggest white births are now in the minority. I will post new comments as soon as possible.