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Elizabeth Wright on The Everlasting Quest to Transform Whites

May 22, 2012


A MONTH after the election of Barack Obama, Elizabeth Wright, the black conservative who died last year and who was a commenter at this blog, made some predictions in an entry at her website. The post was¬†titled “The Everlasting Quest: To Transform Whites.”¬†She wrote:

I believe that blacks will take this Obama victory as a mandate, not to straighten out the mess in their own backyards, but to continue the job of “fixing” white folks. This means stepping up the crusade designed to keep whites in the habit of working to exterminate the “guilt” and “shame” that supposedly taints their hearts and souls. And it will not matter how you label these blacks. You may call them “liberal” or “radical” or even “conservative,” but their quest will be the same. If there is one thing that unites blacks across all politics, religious attachments, and classes, it is the desire to control the attitudes and behavior of whites. Read More »

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