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Why Immodest Dress is a Form of Aggression, Part II

May 23, 2012


BUCK writes:

We  need tart reform.

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A Pizza Give-Away

May 23, 2012


I HAVE tirelessly attempted to prove to readers of this site that pizza is the Trojan Horse of Western society. I realize that many readers remain unconvinced, even to the point of consuming Domino’s two or three times a week.

Some people believe I bear some perverse grudge against pizza, which is the staff of life, and that this grudge probably has something to do with a messed-up childhood, failure to succeed or deeply embedded sexual repression.

So be it. I march on. It’s not easy being a pizza prophet — nor should it be.

Here is one more example of how pizza and the downfall of the West are inextricably linked. The Dallas-based chain Pizza Patron is giving free pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish.

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Why Immodest Dress is a Form of Aggression

May 23, 2012


IN the post on Valerie Trierweiler, the live-in girlfriend of French president François Hollande, I referred to the outfit she wore to his swearing in — a dress that allowed full view of her upper thigh — as a form of “sexual aggression.”

This idea that women display aggression by their choice of revealing clothing is foreign and preposterous to most Western women, who believe that clothing expresses merely personal taste and that male psychology can be molded — and should be molded. If they dress like a whore that does not mean for heaven’s sake that they are a whore. Read More »


Are Hindus Persecuting Christians? Yes

May 23, 2012


JANE S. writes:

Priya writes in the discussion on Hindu patriarchy:

“I am not distorting any fact. There is no Christian persecution by Hindu society in general.”

Here is the Wikipedia entry on violence against Christians in India, which includes arson of churches, burning of Bibles, raping of nuns, murder of priests, desecration of Christian cemeteries, among other pleasantries. If this is what you call “no” persecution “in general,” what would they have to do for you to call it “real” persecution? Read More »


An Important Rule: Never Interfere with Black Parents

May 23, 2012


DIANA writes:

This article about  British man stabbed to death after he asked a restaurant patron if his crying daughter was okay gives me the opportunity to add my paragraph to John Derbyshire’s now-infamous  “The Talk.”

I would say to white people, never interfere in anything going on between a black parent and child. Steer clear.

[A reader at VFR makes the same point in his own additions to “The Talk.”]

Give a wide berth. This may cause you moral qualms – as it should – but you could get into huge trouble. I have twice inadvertently become involved in black parent-child issues, and both times were extremely disturbing. Read More »


More on Georgetown and “Catholic” Branding

May 23, 2012


IN THE entry on William Peter Blatty’s suit against Georgetown University, which he claims is no longer a Catholic institution, Vincent C. writes:

The Society of Jesus, aka Jesuits, is in theory responsible for the administration of Georgetown University. When they chose as President of the University a non-Jesuit – and non cleric – for the first time in their history, they were sending a message to all: we’re no longer a Catholic school. In fact, because of such modern theological niceties such as allowing the presence of homosexual clubs on campus, as well as visits by very pro-abortion politicos, if you read the propaganda that the university disseminates it now refers to itself as, “a school in the Jesuit tradition.” Of course, I doubt if St. Ignatius Loyola would agree, but you can’t have everything.

And if I were able to speak directly to Signor Blatty, I’d say this: If you were to examine not only Georgetown, but just about every other Jesuit institution of higher learning in these United States, I suspect that your current headache would turn into a serious migraine.

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