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A Child at the Breast

May 31, 2012


Virgin and Child, Hans Memling (1475) Metropolitan Museum

HERE’S a forthright fifteenth-century painting by Hans Memling of Jesus Christ at the breast. Why is this so radically different from the recent photos of nursing women that have gained international attention, leaving aside the obvious fact that this painting represents the imaginary vision of an artist?

There is one overwhelming difference, and that is the gravity of Mary’s expression, a mixture of serenity, love and sorrow. Also, the tender way she clasps the Holy Child, as if he is a priceless treasure, is entirely different from the manner of the mother on Time magazine who stared self-assertively at the camera while her older son stood on a stool, or the soldier who appeared in a military uniform while feeding her daughters, or Crystal Scott, below, who feeds her daughter in public on a street and gazes with heavily blackened eyes at the camera with what appears to be an explicit come-on. Mary is all-encompassing maternity. The others are flagrant show-offs.


California Senate Bans Therapy for Homosexuals

May 31, 2012


CONVERSION THERAPY, which helps homosexuals battle same-sex desires, was banned yesterday by California State Senate in another blatant political endorsement of a lifestyle that causes suicide, disease and depression. A lengthy response by Christopher H. Rosik, Ph.D. of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality can be found here.

Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia.comsaid the bill would keep effective treatment from adolescents who have been sexually abused.

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More Crass Breastfeeding

May 31, 2012


ONCE AGAIN, we have a mother in a shameless pose breastfeeding for the public. In this case, Terran Echegoyen-McCabe, a soldier in the National Guard, is pictured in uniform breastfeeding her twins, supposedly to raise awareness for breastfeeding. (Another military woman is pictured with her in a more modest pose.)

What does the world think of America? Echegoyen-McCabe (who but a feminist would adopt such a ridiculous name?) is a symbol of a military in steep decline.

And breastfeeding is transformed, from maternal selflessness to one more nauseating display of self-assertion.

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