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A Socialist Victory in an Unraveling France

May 7, 2012


TIBERGE at Galliawatch has posted an eight-minute video of François Hollande celebrating his victory in the presidential election at the Place de la Bastille. She writes:

Hollande, who seems to be hoarse, shouts that he is happy that the young people he is addressing will construct the new French republic.

This is an eerie document, where an ethnic Frenchman, a pawn in the hands of his potentially violent, multi-colored, multi-ethnic, multi-racial audience, imagines he is a leader, when in fact he is being led by a pre-determined doctrine of destruction. He appears terrified, but so did Nicolas Sarkozy, whenever he had to put himself among the immigrants and speak directly to them. He is both pathetic and demagogic, possibly foreshadowing things to come.

She also quotes the French writer Bernard Antony on the results:

The Socialist party and the whole left and extreme-left with it, now dispose of our country from the Presidency, to the Senate, to all the regional Councils, except Alsace, to two thirds of the general Councils, to the City Halls of Paris, and those of a majority of cities including Lille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes.

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