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An Exhibitionist on the Cover of Time

May 11, 2012


DUE to a formatting problem, the discussion in the previous entry about the Time cover of a mother breastfeeding her older child in a provocative pose is continued here.

Mary writes:

Funny how this dovetails so nicely with Elizabeth Badinter’s recent statements. Hmmm…one might even get the impression that there is some kind of unified message being presented in the media.

My first reaction was: nope, that isn’t what breastfeeding looks like when babies aren’t babies any more. But the real picture wouldn’t be nearly as provocative, although it would be lovely and sweet, and private.

My second reaction was: isn’t it interesting how the most unnatural things imaginable are being forced on us as natural, and how at the same time good and natural things are being debased. Abortion, contraception, Viagra, homosexual marriage: pass. Breastfeeding: fail.

This woman is an exhibitionist and has done more to harm what she claims to care about than anything else possibly could have. The twin evils of exhibitionism and voyeurism – ex-perversions, if you will – are destroying this delirious culture of ours.

Mark L. writes:

It’s times like these that I wish I had a subscription to Time … just so I could cancel it.

I suppose if enough people did that, the publisher would have to bow to simple economic pressure and conform to normal standards of decency, or risk going under.

But then, I sometimes wonder if these venerable institutions aren’t just exhausted by being in business, and wouldn’t prefer to just flame out for the grand cause.

I wish they’d just hurry up and die already.

Kimberly writes:

Thanks to bimbos like this, and so many other horrible factors, people are thinking of breastfeeding in a lustful way, the opposite way it should be viewed entirely. Feminists have perverted and completely confused our whole society. They are hyenas. I watched a documentary by National Geographic recently… I think it was called Eternal Enemies, Lions and Hyenas. I was astounded by the parallels to non-feminists and feminists. The female lions depend a great deal on the protection of the males. The hyenas are female dominated; there is one queen hyena and all the females hang out with her, and the males are chased off if they try to hang around. They are “masters of chaos and confusion” with that insane cackling and chatter, and they use this very effectively when they attack. The female hyenas even have “mock” penises and “pretend” to mate as adolescents.

I am not opposed to prolonged nursing, although I have never done it. If I did, I would not tell anyone save maybe my closest mother-friends. That little boy is going to be so humiliated and angry someday, and maybe someday soon. She may have just ended that breastfeeding relationship in the worst possible way; kids are certain to tease about that one! What a selfish WHOA-MAN!

Sarah writes:

I am a mother of a two-year-old daughter whom I continue to breast feed. When she was born I had done all my research and pointed to the two-year marker as my goal for how long she would nurse. The more I learned about the good, natural, milk of a mother for her baby, the more I was amazed and filled with wonder. New studies have shown that human milk contains huge amounts of cancer killing agents, and I can truthfully attest that my child has never been sick a day in her life, despite being exposed to the seasonal colds of our family. You see so many mothers cramming pacifiers into their babies mouths, and then those same babies, deprived of their mother’s milk full of perfect baby food and antigens, are the babies who suffer horrible ear aches or respiratory distress. I know of several babies who have been in and out of hospital, and I wholeheartedly believe that it is because they were not breast fed. I am a huge advocate for feeding babies and even toddlers in the natural way that God created for them to be fed. Even the government has stated that almost 1000 babies die every year due to the singular fact that they were not breast fed. Mothers and their families need to be educated about the natural, normalness of breast feeding even into the toddler years.

However, I, like a lot of other people, felt disgusted by the TIME cover. I haven’t even bothered to read it. I agree with Mary that the woman who posed with her child for the cover was an exhibitionist who has done extreme harm to an already delicate public topic of breast feeding children.

My daughter just turned two, and I thought for sure that she would self wean by now! However, she is showing no signs of self weaning yet. Gross sensationalized articles like the one in TIME debase something that is especially nurturing, quiet, restful, private, wholesome, normal, and restorative. It an incredibly bonding experience shared between mother and baby/toddler. It is not something to put on public display to be devoured by the pigs of public consumption. When my two year old daughter nurses I wrap her in her special blanket and rock her in own room. I sing soft, hushed lullabies to her and kiss her nose. She snuggles into her mother’s arms, and we are both filled with such peace and connection. I know she will mostly likely stop sooner rather than later, but I treasure these fleeting moments when I can sustain my own child with one of natures more perfect foods.

I should also note that my two year old does not depend on my for all her food, but a little bit of the good stuff goes a long way apparently.

The picture on the cover is NOT what normal breast feeding looks like. Perhaps that mother was trying to be a bad ass feminist and shove it in the worlds face without shame. In doing so she heaped weirdness and shame over the entire subject. Now, no mother in her right mind will want to be associated with that gross, icky picture of the woman breast feeding her 3 or 4 year old.

I hope the truth wins out in the end, and people keep searching for the facts.

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