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An Important Rule: Never Interfere with Black Parents

May 23, 2012


DIANA writes:

This article about  British man stabbed to death after he asked a restaurant patron if his crying daughter was okay gives me the opportunity to add my paragraph to John Derbyshire’s now-infamous  “The Talk.”

I would say to white people, never interfere in anything going on between a black parent and child. Steer clear.

[A reader at VFR makes the same point in his own additions to “The Talk.”]

Give a wide berth. This may cause you moral qualms – as it should – but you could get into huge trouble. I have twice inadvertently become involved in black parent-child issues, and both times were extremely disturbing.

The first was on a subway. I ran downstairs quickly and jumped onto a nearly empty subway car with an athleticism that surprised me. In the process, I neatly avoided a black toddler who was standing in the door, unattended by his mother. I sat down and the next thing I knew, I was confronted by an enraged black woman, shouting “Did you have to touch the child?” Which was insane on several accounts. One, she was a terrible mother to have allowed her child to stand, unattended, near the closing door of a subway car.

Second, I didn’t come close to touching him. Third, she was creating a scene in public. I was very upset by this, and being much younger then, I tried to apologize. I’m not sure what I would do now, but I wouldn’t apologize.

The second instance was in a Starbucks in New Jersey. I very large black man came in pushing a stroller. He was wearing a black Muslim skullcap and had a Muslim type beard. I approached the counter to order as he was ordering. Apropos of nothing he turned to me and said, “You’re scaring him,” with a sneer on his face. I didn’t know what he meant. I looked down at his son, in the stroller, who was fussing, as children do. The child didn’t seem scared. He was bored, and squirmy. I then understood that this big brute was accusing me, a foot shorter and 125 pounds lighter, of frightening his child. This guy was huge. Absolutely humongously huge. There was a genuinely menacing look on his face, so I mumbled an apology.

To this day, I’m not sorry I did.  I have no explanation for why he said what he said, except that he noticed me, and wanted to insult me. As Derbyshire pointed out, some fraction of blacks simply wish whites ill, and wish to humiliate them in whatever way possible. It was quite clever of this huge man to accuse a small woman of scaring his child. I would advise all whites never to interfere, even with the best of intentions, between a black parent and child.

Diana adds:

I was mugged on the subway by two violent black “teens.” That was bad but this was worse. Being accused of scaring a child is a deep humiliation. I know: consider the source.He was a liar, and probably on parole.  I tell myself that every time the memory of this returns to me. But still.

It arouses a deep anger in me.

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