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May 7, 2012


WINNIE writes:

I love your blog. Thank you a thousand times over for your thoughtful discussions, hard work and attention to the Truth and the Common Good.

You present a consistently edifying, validating and encouraging message to me, the daughter of a ground-breaking, unwitting feminist. For over a decade now, my family has been slowly waking up from the destruction of the cultural revolution, thanks in no small part to your wonderful writing. Sadly, we ache from the direct damage done by feminism, in particular amongst the “next generation” – me, my sisters and my cousins, all products of two-income, professional households with largely absent (but highly professionally successful) mothers. On the outside, it all looked perfectly “normal” – and we all ended up at GREAT COLLEGES (ka ching!), but on the inside we have all manifested serious insecurities and malformed femininity due to unstable home life and being swept along by the secular-nihilist culture.

Apropos of your homofascist thread, I thought you might be interested to read about¬†University of Nebraska Football Coach Ron Brown’s anti-homosexual stance.

I was interested to see this coverage on the mainstream, of all places. Interesting too that the University of Nebraska is not publicly admonishing this coach! (What are the odds that wouldn’t get him fired from an East Coast or West Coast university – where we enlightened cosmopolitans have evolved beyond gender and discrimination, after all?).

A bit of sanity from the heartland.

Laura writes:

Thank you very much.

As for Ron Brown, I wonder if he would be free to be as outspoken anywhere because he is black. Here’s an interesting interview with him.

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