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Liberalism’s Rootless, Neighbor-less Man

May 27, 2012


JAMES H. writes:

My father grew up in south St. Louis. He’s 91. These old south St. Louis neighborhoods are exactly as Alan writes. They nurtured the soul and gave sustenance to the individual as part of a community and a people. There was a connectedness that has long since been lost. But then this was by design. For when men realize that they are part of a family, a community, a people and a nation of shared ethnicity, historical experience, values, religion and culture they grow more completely human. They are energized and strengthened by the whole rather than alienated and disconnected.

My father’s friends grew up within a few blocks of him and were the children of his parents’ friends. They remained his friends for life and their children are my friends. But my children’s friends, despite our best efforts, come from far greater distances and varied backgrounds to their very great detriment. We’ve lost so very much.

The deracinating of Western man was performed maliciously and by design for the deracinated man is no threat to the utopian nihilists. He can offer no significant resistance to the Enlightenment thinkers with their clever philosophical constructions. He becomes easy prey for the abstract thinkers. He can offer no resistance as an individual because he no longer believes in something bigger than himself. He is the center of his universe and all else is superfluous dross. He can no longer defend that which is good, true and beautiful for he no longer sees these things. He loses sight of the certitudes which guided his ancestors for generations.

The destruction of our families, our communities, our traditions, our values, our education and our arts has been conducted with purpose and malign intent for ultimately the malefactors intend to destroy Christianity and its vessel on earth – European man. And make no mistake, this is the devil’s handiwork.

                                              — Comments —

A reader writes:

Thankfully Europeans aren’t the only vessel of Christianity. In some denominations it is the African delegates who have stood firmly and voted against liberalization, and I am grateful for them.

Jeff W. writes:

The Bible does not predict any decisive victory over evil until the return of Christ.  In Revelation 12, Satan is symbolically depicted as seven-headed dragon, which reminds me of the mythical Hydra, a beast that would grow back two heads whenever one head is cut off.  That is the overpowering nature of evil.

In this era, Christians must continue to battle while not expecting to win any decisive or long-lasting victories. The final victory can only be won when God uses his power to destroy the evil in this world. Until that happens, Christians. with God’s help, must continue to fight Satan as best they can.


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