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“Married” Pedophile Accused of Abusing More than 60 Children

May 21, 2012


A DUTCH man accused of sexually abusing more than 60 children was “married” to his homosexual lover. Under American law, this man would be able to adopt children or obtain children through surrogates and raise them in his home. How long before we see children subjected to a lifetime of abuse by their adoptive homosexual parents? Heterosexual men commit sexual abuse too, but they do not have the same rate of sexual perversion against the young.

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Alissa writes:

There are many people out there who would place this story under the rug and put fingers in their ears while chanting, “La, la, la, la… homosexuality has zero connection with pedophilia… la, la, la, la. You’re a homophobe.” How foolish and how typical. Are you telling me that homosexual men throughout history have never touched boys? The famous pederasty custom must have been an illusion then. Just because the male in question is underage does not make it less homosexual. As far as I’m concerned, homosexuality is contact with the same sex, regardless of age. I can just see feminists right now defending these cretins while accusing normal heterosexual men of being rapists and misogynists with “violence against women.” Older men touching boys is alright but men who are a couple of years older than their female partners are horrible, patriarchal and want to put women in chains (hence the cougar phenomenon to combat this). Despicable.

Alissa adds:

Here is a good post at Traditional Christianity on the stupidity and contradictions of same-sex “marriage.”

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