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More on Georgetown and “Catholic” Branding

May 23, 2012


IN THE entry on William Peter Blatty’s suit against Georgetown University, which he claims is no longer a Catholic institution, Vincent C. writes:

The Society of Jesus, aka Jesuits, is in theory responsible for the administration of Georgetown University. When they chose as President of the University a non-Jesuit – and non cleric – for the first time in their history, they were sending a message to all: we’re no longer a Catholic school. In fact, because of such modern theological niceties such as allowing the presence of homosexual clubs on campus, as well as visits by very pro-abortion politicos, if you read the propaganda that the university disseminates it now refers to itself as, “a school in the Jesuit tradition.” Of course, I doubt if St. Ignatius Loyola would agree, but you can’t have everything.

And if I were able to speak directly to Signor Blatty, I’d say this: If you were to examine not only Georgetown, but just about every other Jesuit institution of higher learning in these United States, I suspect that your current headache would turn into a serious migraine.

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Paul writes:

As beautiful as Vincent’s delight

Over an undefended cleric’s might,

Under a starry, starry, starry night,

Those that laugh are rolling the dice.

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