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Sports Fans Guilty of Sex Discrimination

May 29, 2012


ENACTED 40 years ago, Title IX has institutionalized sex discrimination in college sports, requiring colleges to kill male athletic teams in the pursuit of equality. The federal government has done everything possible to make women into gladiators and men into couch potatoes. But there is one thing Title IX can’t do. It can’t force fans to like women’s sports.

Megan Greenwell, a character in an Evelyn Waugh novel, oops, I mean, a blogger at Good News, says fans are not doing their share:

Supporting Title IX’s ideals requires supporting women’s sports at all levels. Too many soccer fans were content to celebrate Brandi Chastain’s and Hope Solo’s accomplishments on the international stage but not at home. Too many basketball fans condemn the women’s game as “boring” without ever having attended a game. [emphasis added]

People who have never been to a women’s soccer game should be sent to labor camps.

—— Comments —–

Michael S. writes:

Greenwell writes:

“No matter how many girls get to play sports in high school and college as a result of the measure, the best ones still aren’t able to make a living doing what they love.”

Who cares, really? I get in my car every day and drive off — in aggravating traffic — to do a job that bores me to death, surrounded, for the most part, by people I’d gladly NEVER see again — and I’m supposed to care that some tiny number of women is being “deprived” of the opportunity to “make a living doing what they love”? I have a definite response to that whining, but it’s not polite.

Eric writes:

I recall a story in The New York Times a while back about how young women were blowing out their anterior cruciate (knee) ligaments at alarming rates, usually playing soccer.

Seems knees are also sexist. Who knew?

Laura writes:

Nature is sexist.

Knees are part of nature.

Therefore knees are sexist.

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