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Why Immodest Dress is a Form of Aggression, Part II

May 23, 2012


BUCK writes:

We  need tart reform.

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Aditya B. writes:

We are now more or less an Islamic society.

Islamic women are forced into a head to toe “ninja suit” because Muslim men believe that Muslim men can’t control themselves when faced with a woman in the flesh (pun intended).

 The tart’s bosses are making the same argument.

Welcome to the Islamic Brotherhood of America.

Salaam Aleikum.

Laura writes:

Ah, I assume you are joking.

Can you imagine a woman in Iran suing her bosses because they wouldn’t let her wear lingerie to work? This company will probably pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of having fired this woman.

She certainly is very … professional.

Aditya writes:

It was tongue in cheek. The employer obviously doesn’t want a street walker in their offices, but liberalism is so insane that you can’t say that. So they cite “safety reasons” which is exactly the logic employed in Islamic societies.

Aditya writes:

To be perfectly fair to the girl, she was working at a lingerie store. Both parties have unclean hands.



The employer can terminate her for any reason they want, but the fact that they cited safety reasons is so Islamic. Muslims (rightly) have no confidence in the ability of their men to behave approriately around any women who looks like a woman, as opposed to a shapeless object.

That’s the Islamic logic.

And again, the girl works at a lingerie shop. Isn’t being “professionally dressed” part of the job description? : – )

Laura writes:

I believe the company was a distributor of lingerie, not a retail establishment. I’m surprised Orthodox Jews are in the lingerie business.

Mary writes:

This is where things get interesting: Orthodox religious business owners, presumably traditional and conservative in lifestyle and removed from the modern world, making a mint selling tasteless, vulgar products their wives and daughters would never be allowed to use, to women just like the one that’s suing them … for gender and religious discrimination, is it? It’s mind-bending.

Rita Jane writes:

Plenty of Orthodox women have very, very nice lingerie. It’s usually sold out of discreet boxes at the back of clothing shops (often unadvertised, but it’s known by word of mouth), basement stores, or out of a woman’s home to other women. Religiously, there’s no objection, provided it is used between a husband and wife. And this is a weird language quirk, but a lot of Orthodox “lingerie” shops sell not just bras and underpants, but also opaque stockings and haircoverings that cater to Orthodox women. They’re sort of all purpose small female garments shops. Given Gloria Allred’s propensity for drama, it wouldn’t surprise me if the lingerie shop in question, like every Orthodox lingerie shop I’ve been in, is more like an old Woolworth’s bras and hosiery department than a Victoria’s Secret.

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