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Daily Archives: June 5th, 2012

A Type of Patricide

  IN THE previous entry, I made the point that one always has a father, whether one knows him or not. A  person deliberately deprived of a father (or a mother) through homosexual “marriage” or artificial reproduction is like Hamlet — a man surrounded by a smiling villainy that says nothing is amiss. But the orphan knows something is wrong. Thus […]

Homosexual “Mothers” and “Fathers”

  CA CONSERVATIVE writes: You recently stated: “Heterosexual men commit sexual abuse too, but they do not have the same rate of sexual perversion against the young.” I immediately thought, “of course.” But I decided to do a bit of research online and consider the positions of various psychologists and statisticians on the topic.

A Welcome Denunciation of a Feminist Nun

  SISTER Margaret A. Farley, of the Sisters of Mercy of America, has been officially denounced by the Vatican for her 2006 book, Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics, which argues in favor of same-sex marriage, divorce and masturbation, reports The New York Times. The Congregation for the Doctrine of its Faith took two […]

A Thomas Cole Landscape

  THOMAS COLE, considered the father of American landscape painting, only lived to age 47, but left a large body of works, which are in museums across the country today. These works include his favorite genre of allegorical paintings, as well as the romantic landscape scenes for which he is most famous. You can read a short biography […]