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Daily Archives: June 7th, 2012

The Proletarianization of Children’s Clothes

  KAREN writes: I’m visiting my in-laws in North Alabama, and stopped by the local outdoor, upscale mall. They have a lot of stores that you can only find in large cities, and I enjoy window shopping there and occasionally picking up some stuff on sale. Anyway, I wanted to stop at the Strasburg Children […]

The Female Warriors at the London Olympics

  A READER, Susan-Anne White, wrote the following letter to a Northern Ireland newspaper yesterday: The “sport” of women’s boxing  is listed as an event (for the first time ever) at this summer’s Olympic  games. However, this dubious milestone will not mark the first time that women   have entered a boxing ring, because, for some time […]

Endless Maternal Whining on Facebook

  T. WRITES: Until recently, when I joined a “mothers” forum, I had maintained a very superficial presence on Facebook.  It became clear very quickly, however, that the forum was nothing less than an ode to child neglect.

The Paycheck Unfairness Act

  THE SENATE this week rejected the second effort by Democrats to pass the draconian Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have multiplied the number of sex discrimination suits and further eroded the autonomy of the private sector under feminist tyranny. This is one small victory. Phyllis Schlafly writes of the bill: This bill is another costly item on […]