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Women Charged with Crime for Abortion

June 11, 2012


JEANETTE V. writes:

Interesting how this woman who induced her own abortion at 20 weeks is being portrayed as a victim. She is a victim — of feminism and the cheapening of sex and marriage and ultimately of human life.

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Is Golf the Ideal Women’s Sport?

June 11, 2012


Mary Queen of Scots played golf on the links at St Andrews.

BEN writes:

The prevalence of debilitating sports injuries among young women in my age range (25) is alarming. I suggest an alternative sport for young women: golf. It can be played without great risk of injury. It can be played well in attire becoming to a woman (obviously I am not referring to hat bands masquerading as skirts or shorts). The movements required are graceful and dignified. Golf is very challenging, especially from a psychological perspective. Integrity is demanded, the player is also the referee. There is no physical contact or violence, as the game is peaceful and serene. Read More »


Dworkin on the “Crippling Burden” of the Constitution

June 11, 2012



Ronald Dworkin has had a long career in legal studies as a liberal-left philosopher of politics and law.  His bibliography is extensive, and his NYU faculty profile states that he is “probably one of two or three contemporary authors whom legal scholars will be reading 200 years from now.”  It is a fitting prophecy for this craftsman of exaggeration.

Dworkin’s recent essay “Why the Mandate is Constitutional,” is, as the expression goes, a piece of work. The reader is confronted with the following hyperbole at the opening of the piece:

The Supreme Court’s hearings in the health care case, US Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida, over a nearly unprecedented three days of oral argument in late March, generated all the attention, passion, theater, and constant media and editorial coverage of a national election or a Super Bowl.  Nothing in our history has more dramatically illustrated the unique role of courtroom drama in American government and politics as well as entertainment. Read More »

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