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Daily Archives: June 14th, 2012

The Ultimate Victimization of Non-Whites

  NO ONE perceived as only good has genuine moral status as a human being. Most white Christians believe it is virtuous to deprive non-whites of moral status. In fact, it is wrong and dehumanizing to do so. At VFR, Jeff W. has an excellent statement on this issue:

Casual Savagery in Chicago

  SEE the descriptions by Thor Christopher at DoublethinkNot of black assaults last weekend in Chicago. Here is the real story, not the “coverupage.” When it comes to black crime, most journalists are professional deceivers similar to the journalists in Jean Raspail’s apocalyptic novel The Camp of the Saints. They do not think. They throb. Steve Chapman of The Chicago […]

Pizza Convenience Advances

  THE MODERN apocalypse leads with inexorable logic to pizza vending machines. Rene Lyon reports at Los Angeles Times that European pizza machines are coming to America this year.

One Woman Defies the Pizza-Industrial Complex

  DRINA writes: You have clarified before that homemade pizza is a perfectly good and acceptable food. Perhaps some of your readers who aren’t ready to give up pizza would consider making their own? I challenge them to make their own pizza for a few months and then try going back to cheese-product topped cardboard […]

Sisters of Leftist Mercy

  DON VINCENZO writes: The subject of feminism within the “women religious” organizations in the Catholic Church, or, for that matter, the U.S. Forest Service, or the U.S. military, has been discussed before, but please allow  me to add several notable events that might serve as a coda to earlier commentary about its impact on […]

The War on Women