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Daily Archives: June 19th, 2012

A Prophetic Warning on the Subject of Women’s Dress

THREE extraordinary developments in women’s fashions have occurred over the past 100 years. They are so widely accepted that most people barely notice them anymore. They are: 1) The gradual acceptance of pants. Once exclusively reserved for men, pants were completely embraced by the 1960s and are so universal now that a first violinist in a major orchestra in my area sits with her legs […]

Nuns Hit the Road

  A GROUP of Catholic nuns began a well-funded bus tour yesterday to campaign for more federal monies for the poor. While the most vulnerable members of society suffer the ravages of the sexual revolution and the loss of the sacred, these leftist sisters of mercy insist what people need most is government charity. Confirming the image of America’s religious sisters as political hucksters, […]


The Real Numbers of Obama’s Immigration Decree

  THE NEWS media reported last week that Obama’s executive order granting work permits to illegal immigrants who came here as children would give citizenship to some 800,000 people. The number is closer to two to three million, according to Roy Beck at Numbers USA. He blames Republicans in Congress for their failure ”to tackle immigration priorities the last two years.” — […]